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A detail-oriented, enthusiastic writer, editor and blogger. Lover of words, travel, people and their stories, as well as the digital environment.

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Perdekraal article

Website content | Perdekraal Wedding Venue

Perdekraal Wedding Venue wanted to revamp its website to be able to better compete with other wedding venues in the area. I was tasked with planning and creating content for the new website.

Tip Sheet | 6 Tips To Get You Started on Behavioural Marketing

For many marketers, the prospect of implementing behavioural marketing initiatives presents challenges and uncertainties. Here are 6 tips to get you started...

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Travel magazine article | Czeching out Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is a city where history, beer, architecture and music meet. Plus, it'll suit your pocket just fine.

Website content | Grapevine Group

Grapevine wanted to refine its product offering and opted for a complete website redesign. I was tasked with creating website copy, product brochures, as well as case studies for the new website.

Website content | WeBenefit

WeBenefit wanted to clarify its message, as well as expand its offering. I was tasked with creating content for the new website.

Company blog | 5 reasons to start prioritizing mobile engagement

It’s no secret that people are mobile mad in this day and age. In 2011, there were already 6.8 billion people on the planet. 5.1 billion owned a cell phone, but only 4.2 billion owned a toothbrush. That’s an interesting, though somewhat disturbing, opportunity... whether you’re in the mobile or the toothbrush business.

Company blog | Don’t be that cricket mom: How to understand the game this summer

Perhaps you’ve started realising that you’re being dismissed, kindly, of course, because your child has sniffed out your lack of understanding of his beloved sport. Don’t worry, girlfriend. We’ve got you covered this summer.

Company Blog | 5 Omnichannel Best Practices to keep top of mind in 2017

The entire concept of omnichannel rests on the desire to deliver an exceptional customer experience. It describes a coordinated and consistent strategy for engaging and interacting with your customers as well as your potential customers at any and every channel touchpoint in the customer journey...

Company Blog | Sustainable Living Starts at Home

Climate change, also known as ‘global warming’, is without a doubt the biggest motivator behind the ‘go green’ movement. But even though it’s a great motivator, many people struggle to start implementing sustainable habits at home.

Img 2971 article

Website translation | Hotel Al Borducan

Hotel Al Borducan in Varese, Italy, underwent a website redesign. I was tasked with translating the new website from Italian to English.

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Travel magazine article | Ancient Games

Ilse van den Berg experiences the thrill of witnessing one of the oldest, most attended, and most dangerous horse races in the world in the heart of Tuscany: The Palio Di Siena

Company blog | Going Green: What does it all mean?

Green living; sustainability; eco-friendly; conservation; the list of buzzwords we’ve been hearing over the past few years goes on and on. We’re constantly bombarded with news articles and radio talks on climate change and how we’re killing our planet with our irresponsible living habits.

Company Blog | Placing your school at the heart of your community – what’s in it for you?

TIA (This is Africa), we say. And then we sit back and shake our heads in disappointment at the downward spiral our schools, communities, and the country is on. We’re saddened by the poor education children are getting and how there is no bright future for them because of that.

Website content | My Africa Home

A fun project creating the website copy for an African-inspired online home decor store.

Company blog | Can anorexia lead to osteoporosis?

Worse than a disease that severely affects the body is without a doubt a disease that affects both mind and body. Anorexia nervosa is one such illness and probably one of the most devastating ones at that.