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A detail-oriented, enthusiastic writer, editor and blogger. Lover of words, travel, people and their stories, as well as the digital environment.

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The creative adult is the child who survived

Many, if not most of us often feel like we've "lost our creativity". There always seems to be someone better, more skilled or more creative out there. In truth, the most creative people on the planet today are actually kids. Anything is possible in the mind of a kid. It's playful and it's colourful.

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Six of 2014's top buzzwords

Six of 2014's top buzzwords

From mobile to mobility

At the end of the day we have moved from mobile to mobility - it's not about the device as such, as Robinson stated. We get too bogged down in the device aspect and we forget about the benefit that mobile offers people and how it can impact their lives.

Lessons from entrepreneurs | Net Prophet

Apart from Net Prophet 2014 being a huge success; it was probably my most inspiring day this year so far. Top lessons I took home were from Quirk's Rob Stokes and Over's Aaron Marshall.

How to navigate the complex BYOD landscape

It's been about two years since BYOD has been trialed, tested and deployed in companies. According to Nader Henein, it has been a big pain for some, and, in some cases it's just ended up being far more expensive than originally envisaged.

Loeries 2014: "F*ck the formula" because there is no formula

dubbing his talk "F*ck the formula", Patrick Baron shared some of McCann Melbourne's masterpiece ad campaigns, the experience of winning awards, how to deal with clients after winning awards, and why he believes there is no "formula" to creating exceptional creative work.

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Interview | Claire Cobbledick on new role, marketing agenda at Gumtree SA

Appointed recently as Head of Marketing for Gumtree South Africa, Claire Cobbledick shares about the transition from her previous role as MD at the Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town to her current position at what is described as South Africa's largest online classifieds site.

Interview | Interview with Tom Fels on Publicis MACHINE merger

Publicis Groupe has made another South African acquisition by buying MACHINE, and merging it with Publicis Worldwide South Africa to launch Publicis Machine. I had a chat with MACHINE Group MD, Tom Fels recently to find out more about the merger and its impact on the agencies, clients and industry.

Back to the future of digital

The fourth annual Habari Media Tuongee, themed Back to the Future, brought together the finest of the digital marketing industry to talk about the past, present and future of digital, as well as international trends.

Loeries 2014: Yaw Nsarkoh on the Afrocentric Phenomenon

Nsarkoh explains that if a brand wants to become Afrocentric, and grab all the opportunities that the African continent poses, you have to put African people first - at the centre of what you do, try extremely hard to understand them, and then plan how to serve them in the best possible way.

Review | City-living at Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel & Spa

Mandela Rhodes Place, part of the Three Cities hotel group, is situated opposite the St George's Cathedral in the energetic heart of the Mother City.

Review | Because life's better with bubbles

I've never seen myself as the typical champagne-drinking girl that loves all things glitter and gold, but something happens to you when you walk through the doors of J.C. Le Roux. Not in a pretentious way, but rather in a "you deserve to be spoilt" way.

Top tips for time management in 2014

Time management is something that I often associate with that little red monkey-monster from the Chicken Licken ad. It creeps up on you from behind, and before you know it sits on your shoulder and demands your attention...

The YouTube opportunity in Africa

Brett St Clair, head of new products sub-Saharan Africa for Google, talked at AfricaCom's day two AfricaCast session about understanding the role YouTube can play in Africa.

Celebrating 20 years of living in Levi's locally

How better to celebrate 20 years of building a legendary brand in South Africa than transforming an old Cape Town factory/warehouse into a San Francisco streetscape, taking guests way-back-when to the very beginning of the Levi's brand in 1853?