Ilse van den Berg

Ilse van den Berg

Writer & editor

A detail-oriented, enthusiastic writer, editor and blogger. Lover of words, travel, people and their stories, as well as the digital environment.

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Tip Sheet | 6 Tips To Get You Started on Behavioural Marketing

For many marketers, the prospect of implementing behavioural marketing initiatives presents challenges and uncertainties. Here are 6 tips to get you started...

Website content | Grapevine Group

Grapevine wanted to refine its product offering and opted for a complete website redesign. I was tasked with creating website copy, product brochures, as well as case studies for the new website.

Company Blog | 5 Omnichannel Best Practices to keep top of mind in 2017

The entire concept of omnichannel rests on the desire to deliver an exceptional customer experience. It describes a coordinated and consistent strategy for engaging and interacting with your customers as well as your potential customers at any and every channel touchpoint in the customer journey...