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Ilse van den Berg

Writer & editor

A detail-oriented, enthusiastic writer, editor and blogger. Lover of words, travel, people and their stories, as well as the digital environment.

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Website content | WeBenefit

WeBenefit wanted to clarify its message, as well as expand its offering. I was tasked with creating content for the new website.

Company blog | Going Green: What does it all mean?

Green living; sustainability; eco-friendly; conservation; the list of buzzwords we’ve been hearing over the past few years goes on and on. We’re constantly bombarded with news articles and radio talks on climate change and how we’re killing our planet with our irresponsible living habits.

Company Blog | Placing your school at the heart of your community – what’s in it for you?

TIA (This is Africa), we say. And then we sit back and shake our heads in disappointment at the downward spiral our schools, communities, and the country is on. We’re saddened by the poor education children are getting and how there is no bright future for them because of that.